Why SearchShare?

Leading brands and agencies around the world use SearchShare to track brand and category demand. Here is how we're helping our customers…

Track your brand for marketing effectiveness

SearchShare is a brand tracking tool. SearchShare uses search data to bring teams the brand and category demand insights they need to measure marketing campaigns accurately.

Google is the world's biggest database of human intention. It is a powerful source of data on what people think, feel, do, and buy.

Share of Search is a new way to track brands and advertising using search data. It compares a brand's search demand against key competitors. Share of Search data has been shown to have a proven average correlation of 83% with future share of market. It's a new market share formula.

With SearchShare you can discover a brand's share of search quickly and easily to track, measure and compare success against key competitors. Make your marketing more effective by taking data-driven, strategic decisions when it matters most.

Report on campaigns more accurately

For brand leaders, SearchShare is an essential tool in your marketing kit to track your brand demand and validate key marketing initiatives with decision makers.

SearchShare allows challenger brands to level the playing field, understand the market landscape in the same way as their competitors, and punch above their weight.

Whatever your size, you will be able to create advanced search and market share insights for the brands and category you work on, then customise them easily for compelling presentations.

Act on brand and product demand insights

Do more with search:

  • Explore trending searches
  • Create reports for multiple brands
  • Compare brands against competitors across different industries and sectors
  • Segment data by geographic region (country, state, city, and county)
  • Automate, visualise and customise key insights for compelling client presentations
  • Identify news stories in the media driving search activity

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Identify news stories driving search activity

News stories in the media can have a big impact on Search. Positive brand news can drive a higher amount of search activity but the opposite can also be true. It's important to understand how media affects search activity, so you can get a true picture of the market.

Because of this, we have introduced our Google News tool to show what stories are driving changes in search. This tool allows you to pinpoint and explore the news stories that are in the media the day when search activity changes.

With this insight, you're able to track any of your marketing and PR campaigns, and also see when media coverage is having an impact on search activity.

Predict market share. Empower your brand.

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