Introducing SearchShare 2.0

The new standard in Share of Search analytics

Share-of-search is a powerful metric for predicting brand growth and an accurate proxy for the crucially important market share.

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SearchShare dashboard data visualization showing the 12 month moving average of search volume share
SearchShare dashboard data visualization showing Share of Search against competitors
SearchShare dashboard data visualization showing search volume trends over time
SearchShare dashboard data visualization showing the 12 month moving average of search volume share
“It's time for 'share of search' to replace 'share of voice'
Mark Ritson · brand consultant and former marketing professor · Source

Share of search allows challenger brands to level the playing field and understand the market landscape in the same way as their incumbent competitors without using expensive market research firms.

Brands and organisations using SearchShare today

  • Imperial College Business School
  • London Metropolitan University
  • Ordinance Survey
  • University of Hull
  • Wisdom Panel
  • Best Western Hotels & Resorts
  • Boundless by CSMA
  • Easee

Apply share-of-search to your client conversations

Quickly and easily produce share-of-search reports for your clients using our report wizard.

Visual insight that's perfect for pitches, client reporting & global sentiment insight.

Segment share-of-search data by location, e.g. city, country or region for quick comparison.

SearchShare report screenshot SearchShare report screenshot SearchShare report screenshot

The solution to understanding market share

Standardised pre-calculated share-of-search metrics for your client's brand vs. multiple competitor brands.

12 and 3 month rolling average charts that can be inserted into presentations and reports.

Provide instantaneous monthly market share reporting to your clients without the usual costs.

SearchShare 12 months moving average graph

Measure the impact of your agency activity

Identify the direct correlation between your agency's marketing efforts and the share-of-search metrics for your client's brand.

Utilize our intuitive report wizard to effortlessly generate share-of-search reports for your clients.

Whether managing one brand or several, our solution scales seamlessly to accommodate your agency's growing portfolio.

SearchShare report creation form A mocked up Instagram advert

Brand-level reporting that's quick, easy and scalable

Customize your reporting to showcase how your client's brand is performing in specific markets, allowing for targeted strategies that resonate with local audiences.

Impress clients with immediate access to monthly market share reports, eliminating the usual time lag and costs associated with traditional market share reporting methods.

Enhance your presentations and reports with 12 and 3-month rolling average charts.

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"SearchShare has seamlessly integrated into our marketing workflow, offering intuitive navigation and user-friendly interfaces. Its ease of use has significantly reduced the time taken to prepare for client meetings."

Head of Marketing

"SearchShare has been invaluable in identifying trends and patterns in consumer searches, allowing us to optimise our content and marketing campaigns more effectively."

Marketing Manager

"SearchShare has been instrumental in shaping our PR strategies. By understanding what our audience is searching for, we can craft more impactful and targeted messages."

PR Professional

Predict market share. Empower your brand.

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