For PR Agencies

You’ve got great media coverage, even great links, but your value is still being questioned? We know PR doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves. We’re here to change that.

SearchShare’s Google news tool shows clients how PR impacts search activity. And when search goes up, market share follows. So, now you (and your clients) can see the measurable impact your campaign has made. Get the PR that your PR really deserves!

Celebrate success

SearchShare helps you accurately measure your PR efforts to demonstrate your value to your clients. No more great coverage without the recognition you deserve. Just track the brands you want and SearchShare does the rest.

Show clients how PR is driving long term brand awareness improvements and increases in market share from activity.

Google News tool

SearchShare’s Google News Tool allows you to see the spikes and drops in search volume following a PR campaign.

Got some great media coverage for a client? Make sure you use the Google News Tool, so you can show your client where activity has spiked because of you!

Win pitches

SearchShare helps show clients how your work stands out from the crowd. As a proxy of market share, SearchShare shows how PR campaigns are driving consumer intent measurably.

With SearchShare, you can win pitches by demonstrating to clients the positive impact that PR has on consumer behaviour, and how that increases market share.

Be strategic and agile

Having access to search trends will help you be flexible and adaptable as changing circumstances arise. Seeing your share of search dip? That’s a great time to pivot your strategy and start a PR activation to reverse the trend.

Understanding changes in brand and category demand will help you to think creatively to meet your client’s goals, and integrate with digital and social media to leverage the opportunity across platforms.

See real-time spikes and dips

As well as celebrating success, you will have a deeper understanding of real-time brand and category demand. SearchShare will show you any sudden spikes after PR activity and can also measure the impact of negative stories and crisis comms.

Having this tool in your back pockets enables you to develop the most effective PR campaigns for target audiences.

Focus on the great stuff

We want you to spend more time on the high-value work you’re already great at doing. We’re just here to help you show clients how well you’re doing!

SearchShare is way less expensive than traditional market research and way more accurate than outdated and unreliable focus groups. We show you how PR is affecting search behaviour, so you can do more of the great work you love. Your clients see the big impact you’ve made.