For In-house Marketers

Whatever the size and structure of your in-house team, we’ve got experience in helping brands solve their ROI headaches and manage budgets.

We understand you need to adapt quickly to changes in the market, get accurate audience insight and identify areas for improvement. SearchShare gives you a quick and easy way to show how your activity is performing. No need to wait. No need for the unreliability of traditional market research. We’ve got you covered.

Get a proxy for market share

Share of Search is a leading indicator of market share. With SearchShare, you get a brand snapshot as a proxy for market share and see how you measure up against the competition.

Develop your marketing strategy, outline your goals, create targeted messaging and allocate resources effectively by measuring success accurately through search.

Make strategic decisions

Share of Search gives you an understanding of customer behaviour in the earliest stages of the funnel and is more accurate than traditional and unreliable focus groups.

Being aware of spikes or dips helps you understand customer needs and behaviours to maintain a consistent and strong brand image, build awareness and loyalty.

Hold your agencies to account

You need to justify your marketing spend. Let us help you improve your data analysis game, so you can track your marketing efforts precisely. If your agency isn’t reaching your expectations, you’ll see it and be able to take action.

Manage your budget to maximise return on investment with share of search data. Put search at the heart of your marketing to predict changes in market share and make the right decisions for you.

Target locations

SearchShare helps you understand how your brand is performing geographically. This means you can upweight and downweight spend by city region/state or country easily.

Adapt quickly in response to share of search changes to make tactical decisions that improve performance in the short and long-term.