For Advertising Agencies

We work with some of the world’s leading brands on tracking and measuring advertising campaign impact from broadcast to OOH.

If you’ve created some amazing advertising work but aren’t getting client acknowledgement, we’re here to change that. You focus on your ad campaigns, and SearchShare will generate easy to digest market share reports that clients will love, so you get the credit you deserve.

Track market share

Share of Search is a leading indicator for share of market. If your share of search rises, then market share will follow. We’ll help you quantify the impact of your ad campaigns to clients and unlock more budget.

We can also show the impact of localised advertising (e.g. regional out of home ads in a specific location), so you can justify upweighting and down weighting in cities, regions/states and countries.

Nail your pitches

Create a client need in your pitches by showing them how you track your ad campaigns. With SearchShare, clients will see real consumer behaviour trends as you evidence changes in search behaviour.

Standout from the crowd by presenting great ad campaign ideas with a quick and reliable way to measure success.

Evaluate campaigns accurately

No more unreliable research. No more undependable focus groups. No more expensive marketing research firms. It’s time to show the precise results your ad campaigns have achieved.

Demonstrate the value of your work, make more strategic decisions and create campaigns that are impactful and effective.