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SearchShare is easy to use and get started. So, you can supercharge your marketing performance to win a more significant portion of search. And market share. No tech wizardry to learn. Just compelling, customized, and accurate reports to impress clients.


Select your search

Choose which brand and/ or category you want to track


Set your keywords and locations

Select the keywords and locations that are relevant for your brand/category.


Monitor your slice

Track search volume to understand:

  • 12 Month Moving Average % Share of Search
  • 3 Month Moving Average % Share of Search
  • Monthly average search volume
  • Underlying Search Term volumes per Entity

Plus, use our Google News tool to explore insights on performance for any month shown in the charts.


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How is Share of Search calculated?

Search data is accessed via Google's keyword data API and is gathered across a period of 12 months.

Once that data has been aggregated against either monthly search data for competitor brands in the category or against the generic category terms, your Share of Search metric is calculated (a rolling 12-month average) using the following formula:

Searches for brand X / Searches for all brands being analysed

Why share of search?

Share of Search is a powerful metric a company of any size can use as an accurate proxy for the crucially important, but often expensive, calculation of a brand's market share.

Search data accurately shows consumer intent without the filter of a traditional brand survey, revealing how people are really behaving towards brands.

Predict market share. Empower your brand.

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