How Wisdom Panel increased its Share of Search by 16% year-on year

Increase in Share of Search year-on-year against key industry competitors.
Increase in UK search demand when comparing 2022 versus 2021.
Increase in Greater London search demand after running train car panel advertising activity in November 2022 compared to the same month in 2021.


AiP first started working with Wisdom Panel in October 2021. Operating within the Mars Petcare division, they had a strong traction in the USA market, but were not well known in the UK. Our analysis showed that the Pet DNA category was in its infancy in the UK, so we needed to educate consumers on the product benefits, whilst ensuring we drove sales for Wisdom Panel rather than competitor brands.

The key objectives for Wisdom Panel were to increase awareness of the brand in the UK and increase sales of DNA tests by 60% year-on-year.


Whilst lower funnel conversion metrics were important for achieving the sales target, Anything is Possible (aip) identified that low category awareness was going to lead to limited sales opportunity in the long run. This was coupled with Share of Search analysis showing us that Wisdom Panel had the majority share in the UK, but competitor Embark were not far behind. Therefore, we worked with Wisdom Panel to formulate an awareness driving campaign to educate and prompt sales. This included forming the best creative assets to educate and engage with potential customers to generate sales.

SearchShare moment!

Historic Monthly Share of Search - United Kingdom: 12 Month Moving Average percentage (%) of search

UK: Monthly average search volume

Historic Search Volumes - United Kingdom: Monthly average search volume

Greater London: Monthly average search volume

Greater London: Monthly average search volume


As a result of AiP’s campaign activity, Wisdom Panel saw a 16% increase in Share of Search year-on-year in the UK.

Additionally, search demand for Wisdom Panel related brand terms increased by 78% when comparing 2022 against 2021. Peaks in search demand in the UK were seen in April 2022 around a burst of TV activity.

Finally, Wisdom Panel saw the impact of train car panel advertising on search demand in the Greater London area in November 2022, with search demand 140% higher compared to the same month in 2021.