Introducing SearchShare 2.0

The new standard in share of search analytics

We’re proud to announce a major update to SearchShare that drastically improves the usability, speed and performance of the platform.

SearchShare is trusted by brands and agencies to bring them the brand and category demand insights they need to measure marketing campaigns accurately. The platform uses share of search as a formula to track market share in a quick and cost-effective way, and makes it easy to track, measure and compare success against key competitors.

SearchShare has long been a staple for agencies and brands seeking insightful, data-driven strategies. Recognising the changing needs of our users, we embarked on a mission to reimagine and enhance every aspect of the platform.

What’s New in SearchShare 2.0

Revolutionary API

At the heart of SearchShare 2.0 is our completely rewritten API. Expect a dramatically faster experience, enabling real-time data analysis and decision-making.

SaaS Advancements

Transitioning into a more robust SaaS application, SearchShare 2.0 offers a better way to manage users, segment access to reports by team and even provide access to your clients themselves.

Modern Redesign

The new interface is completely redesigned, making it easier to use and understand the insights on display.

Accessing the Platform

If you’re an existing SearchShare user, simply visit and follow the forgot password flow to set up your account.

New users can book a demo of the tool and speak to our Head of Technology Solutions, Alex Calder, here.

We’ve also added a new help section, designed to answer all your usage questions.


SearchShare 2.0 is more than an update; it’s a statement of our commitment to being the voice of share of search analytics.

We’re excited to see how you leverage SearchShare 2.0 to redefine success for your business.