HyperionDev: OOH campaign creates a surge in share of search

Global tech education provider HyperionDev’s OOH advertsing campaign for its Online Coding Bootcamp delivered a huge demand impact, all measured through SearchShare.

HyperionDev offers online coding bootcamps in partnership with leading universities, such as the University of Edinburgh.

When HyperionDev won a contract to partner with the Department for Education to get people aged 19+ to apply for the chance to enrol on a government-funded online coding bootcamp, it decided to run a campaign to target the Greater London area.

London Underground Out of Home (OOH) activity was identified as an effective way to reach the target audience and seen as a way of landing key messages to HyperionDev’s core demographic.

Campaign objective

Tubestation billboard for the University of

The main objective of the campaign was to increase online applications from the Greater London area, for an online course being offered by HyperionDev.

The creative used was centred around a positive message of earning more with a career change into tech and coding. The 48-sheets at London stations and train car panels used across various London tube lines featured a vanity URL as the CTA to drive traffic, with activity beginning in September 2022.

SearchShare impact

As a result of the OOH campaign, HyperionDev saw a significant demand uplift:

  • More than 7,000 applications to HyperionDev in partnership with the Department for Education for online coding bootcamp courses.
  • 2,675% increase in search demand in Greater London when comparing September to December 2022 against the same time period in 2021.
  • 25.5% increase in Share of Search from August 2022 (54.7%) to December 2022 (80.2%) in Greater London.

Tube poster advert for the University of

This insight highlights how Out of Home activity can impact on your search demand and ultimately your Share of Search (and market share).

For more on how you can measure your campaign effectiveness and attribute value to your marketing activity accurately, get in touch.

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