Use SearchShare by location

Share of Search is a powerful proxy for brand market share, but its location insight helps you go much further.

One of SearchShare’s greatest benefits is to break down search volume globally by city, region, and country.

Whether you are looking into London, California, or Australia, you’ll be able to find specific search location insight. When you pull this rich location data you’ll be in a good place to make strategic marketing decisions.

An early warning system

Share of Search is a leading indicator for changes in market share. This means global search insight acts as an early warning to take appropriate brand action by location, too.

We’ve experienced this first-hand as an agency. International customers use SearchShare to track activity in their current territories and new locations they want to enter commercially.

Global intelligent search allows you to develop your geo-location potential. You can also act in advance on how your brand awareness and interest varies by region.

Track your competition

You can use search insight to measure your own brand’s awareness in relevant categories long-term. But you can track competitor brands globally in the regions relevant to you.

There is a strong correlation between Share of Search and market share globally. In a wide-ranging 12-month research study an average 83% correlation between Share of Search and Share of Market was found. This research reviewed 30 case studies, 12 categories and 7 countries*.

The correlation is also dynamic. When Share of Search changes, so does Share of Market.

Human intention

Search data accurately shows consumer intent using Google. As the world’s biggest database of human intentions it is a huge dataset to uncover.

It helps transform market share knowledge without the use of more traditional and inaccurate questionnaires.

As David Ogilvy said: “The trouble with research is… Consumers don’t think how they feel, they don’t say what they think, and they don’t do what they say.”

Use SearchShare by location and unlock global insight for your brand today with a trial of SearchShare.

*Binet & Hankins and The IPA Share of Search ThinkTank 2021